Once you taste really good cold brew, it’s very hard settling for ordinary iced coffee. Not even the taste of it, brewing at a lower temperature results in lower acidity and lower caffeine content when brewed in equal volume. Once we fell in love with cold brew, we got interested in making of it. But we have ended up, it requires much more efforts, time, and equipment to make wonderful cold brew coffee. We did not stop trying. We figured out fundamentals of making cold brew. And we finally found out that, you do not need complicated equipment or special tools to make cold brew.

So we ended up creating Brewdo Cold Brew Coffee Filter. It is for the ones who want to enjoy cold brew coffee more easier, handy, and efficiently. We are proudly introducing our innovative product to all the coffee lovers in the world. Brewdo will change your way of enjoying coffee from now on. We are welcoming new friends to enjoy. We have lined up our suppliers and manufacturers that we have worked with for our initial model all ready to go and we just need your help to bring Brewdo into the mass production stage.

How Brewdo can create much better scent and taste than classic Dutch making systems.

· By Brewdo’s mix and mixture way of brewing, it creates much richer flavor. (If you want to enjoy more rich flavor, you are allow to shake the bottle in the middle of brewing.)

· It’s easier to control the level of strength of coffee than the classic Dutch system.

· Organic acid, fatty acid and tannin acid in coffee beans makes difference of taste. Each acid has different time to melt into the water. You need to stop brewing when it comes to best moment. Brewdo app will help you with it.